The image of another dream appears in my head. Again it’s just me and you. We are driving in the wild with no final destination. We do not talk. From time to time we look at each other’s eyes, smile and feel the great comfort of being together. The ride takes way too long, but I do not bother. I enjoy these moments the most. I could stay like this for days –you are driving and I am looking at your pretty face, thinking about how much I love you with no words coming out of my mouth. Then suddenly someone says my name in a loud voice and I am back to reality. It’s Professor Clark. He has already asked me a question and now he is waiting for my response. I guess he had noticed that I have been daydreaming again, not paying much attention in class. Soon the class is over. I walk out of the building and I notice that you are there. You have just finished class and you are smoking a cigarette as usual. You tried to quit them a couple of times, but you couldn‘t anyway… 


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